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Hi There! I am Aref Sarkhosh

I have over 5 years of experience in the graphic field and 3 years of experience in website design, I have mastered Adobe programs like Photoshop, Illustartor and after effect, and I am also active in the field of ui and ux..

Graphic Designer 98%
digital marketing 85%
Web developer (Html, css , wordpress) 99%
Photographer 80%



As a graphist, I bring concepts to life through captivating visuals. With expertise in graphic software and a keen eye for aesthetics, I create engaging designs that resonate with the target audience.

Video Editor

As a video editor, I transform raw footage into polished, compelling videos. Using various editing techniques, I create seamless transitions, enhance colors, and optimize audio to deliver impactful visual stories.


As a UI/UX designer, I create intuitive interfaces that enhance user experiences. Through thorough research and prototyping, I ensure that the final product aligns with user needs and business objectives.

Web Designer

I combine creativity and technical skills to create visually appealing and functional websites. With expertise in HTML, CSS, and responsive design, I ensure that the websites I design are user-friendly, easy to navigate, and optimized for performance.

aref sarkhosh

Im google map contributor with more than 2M view

If you have a new business and intend to register your business on Google Maps or need assistance with making changes to your existing business on the map, I can help you.



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